A teamwork is the joint effort of the team members to achieve a common goal or to complete a task in the most precise and efficient way. Basic requirement for an effective hair transplant team is an adequate team size of 6 to 8 members which includes three doctors and 4 to5 technicians.
We at Clinique have our own core team with a level of unmatched expertise instilled in each and every member of the team, for the task they perform.
We don’t rely on any technician or medical help from outside as we have an in-house dedicated team.

Facial Cosmetic and Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Bhavesh Gupta

Dr. Bhavesh Gupta is well known for his artistic work in surgical hair transplant. He has done his masters in facial surgery and super specialization in cosmetic & hair transplant surgery from Mumbai. He is one of the most highly recommended hair transplant surgeon in India.

Facial cosmetic and hair transplant surgeon

Dr. Idris

Dr. Idris - Facial cosmetic and hair transplant surgeon Assistant Proffesor - NSVK College Bangalore Director:- Clinique - Bangalore Division Consultant Surgeon GM-Apollo Hospital, Bangalore 32 Smiles Chain, Bangalore.

Facial Cosmetic and Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Ajinkya Patil

Dr. Ajinkya S Patil, is a skilled facial cosmetic surgeon and hair transplant surgeon. He acquired his formal medical and dental training along with a specialization in Facio-Maxillary Surgery. Besides having superb surgical skills, he has a keen aesthetic eye for transplant design.

Hair Technician

Trilok Singh

He is the first hair transplant technician of our team and has constantly thrived to give his best in each and every care done at our center so far.

Hair Technician

Dimpi Singh

She is also a part of our team and she has a designated job to take care of the comfort of the patients along with making sure that the team is doing every particular job within the allotted time frame.

Hair Technician

Sunita Patil

She is our third in house technician and her job is to maintain the quality of graft dissection and graft storage.