Male hair transplant is one of the most successful and commonly performed surgery in this day and age.
Typically male patients of age between 25 to 55 undergo this procedure.
We have divided male hair transplants into three types of sessions as minor, moderate and major sessions.
Minor transplant session are procedures involving about 1500-2500 grafts. This type of hair transplant is mostly done for focal hair loss such as crown region or for hairline reconstruction.
Moderate transplant session are the procedures requiring around 2500-4500 grafts. This may involve midscalp and temple reconstruction along with hairline restoration. This is usually required for patients with grade 3 or grade 4 type alopecia.
Major transplant session procedure also known as mega sessios may be required for grade 6 or grade 7 cases and involves implantation of approximately 5000-7000 grafts.